The Worlds only Fish & Chips Buffet served daily from 12 -2pm
If you like fish and chips but have you fancied trying white pudding or king rib or maybe spicy fish but you didn't want to order the whole meal?

This is a great opportunity to enjoy your favourites and try some things you might not have been adventurous to order. We have a great selection of items for example

Soup, Pizzas, Battered Fish, Spicy Fish, King Rib, White Pudding, Spicy Haggis, Spring Rolls, Beans, Mushy Peas, Hot dish of the day with Rice or Pasta/Mash/Rice, Salads, Pasta, Cheeses, other accompaniments, Cake and Custard, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Rice Pudding, Trifle and much more.

Please note items change daily to keep it interesting!

Sunday Buffet
On Sundays we have Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Vegetables and most of the above items
Hopefully there is something there to please most tastes.

£7.99 for Adults • Monday to Friday
£8.99 for Adults • Saturday & Sunday
£4.20 for Children • All Week