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Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry OR Butterscotch

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Varoius Flavours £5.00 
Choice of various flavours please ask staff

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Berry Berry Shortbread
A modern take on a traditional Scottish dessert. Buttery Shortbread with Soft Ice Cream with a  choice of Strawberry syrup or Raspberry Coulis

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Chocolate Nut Sundae   
A glorious combination of chopped nuts, rich sauce and creamy soft ice cream surmounted with a luxurious dairy whipped cream topped with a crisp wafer - not for the faint hearted


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A fun dessert using a rainbow selection of tangy syrups and soft ice cream topped with dairy whipped cream and a chocolate stick - Guaranteed to satisfy kids young and old   


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Oreo Special  
Crushed and Whole Oreo’s served with our Soft Ice Cream. Topped with Chocolate or Toffee sauce   


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Choc Chip Cookie      
Love Cookies? You will love this. Soft Ice Cream served with crushed Choc Chip Cookies 

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Pink Panther  
Spoil yourself : A tantalizing blend of mouth watering meringue filled to overflowing with raspberries; soft ice cream, raspberry sauce and whipped dairy cream. Only for the pampered  

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Bananatastic Banana Split 
Something Different, Something New! Fresh banana split in two, buried in soft vanilla whippy ice cream and topped with chocolate and strawberry sauce 

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